Roosevelt Fire District Hyde Park New York 12538

Board of Fire Commissioners

Chairman of the Board

Louis Gallo

William Olivett
Yancy F. McArthur
Edward Desmond
Thomas Germano

District Secretary

Lori Hicks

District Treasurer

Michele Zagorski

Albert J. MacBrien

Retired 2013 after 46 Years as
the Secretary/Treasurer
Happy Retirement Jim
You Served us Well

District Chief Staff

Lew Darrow - (Chief) Car 1 (63-1)
Jeff Scala - Car 2 (63-2)
Ralph Ciampaglione - Car 3 (63-3)
Ray Stretz - Car 4 (63-4)

District Safety Officer

Lou Iaccino
Richy Carroll


 Safety Committee

Roosevelt Station 2

Rich Carroll

Roosevelt Station 3

Nick Trio
Bill Marshall
Bill Steenbergh
Sal Dipressi

Fire Prevention Coordinator

Roy Hall

Fire Police

Captain -Brad Goldhammer

1st Lieutenant Bob Rizzo

2nd Lieutenant Ralph Hoffman

Fire Police Secretary / Treasurer

Delores Plass
Ladder Company

1st Lieutenant Steve Jackson

Roosevelt Rescue Squad Officers

Captain Robert Griffin

1st Lt.  Donna Cisek
2nd Lt. Ben Geller

Secretary/Treasurer Courtney Way

Emergency Service Squad

Captain Ryan DuPilka 

1st Lieutenant - Chris Weiner

2nd Lieutenant - Joe Young

Line & Civil Officers

Roosevelt Company # 1 Officers

Captain - Kurt Burns
1st, Lieutenant - Al Riley
2nd, Lieutenant - Bill Burns
President - Lou Iaccino
Vice President - Janice Ciampaglione
Secretary - Sandy Scala
Financial Secretary - John Egan
Treasurer - Mike Zagorski

Director/ Trustee

Bill Ollivett
Ralph Ciampaglione
Sandy Scala
Review Board

Ralph Ciampaglione
John Beyer
Nicky DeScisciolo
Sandy Scala
Lori Monnier

Sgt. at Arms

 Dan Ciampaglione


Lori Monnier

Roosevelt Company # 2 Officers

Captain - Loren Quimet
1st, Lieutenant - Ryan Pamer 
2nd, Lieutenant - Thomas Drahos  
President - Joan Goldhammer
Vice President - Richy Carroll
Secretary - Bob Mahoney
Treasurer - Lou Gallo
Financial Secretary - Brad Goldhammer

Director / Trustee

Ted Plass
Loren Quimet
Leo Hentz

Review Board

Leroy Hentz
Delores Plass
Richard Carroll
Ryan Palmer
George Carola
Sgt. at Arms

P. Brandon


Joan Goldhammer

Roosevelt Co #3 Officers

Captain - Kyle Humenick
1st, Lieutenant - Justin Plass
2nd, Lieutenant - Wendy Burns

President - Jeffrey Elderkin
Vice President - Michael Corcoran
Secretary - Edward Desmond
Treasurer - Cathy Tegtmeier
Financial Secretary - Donna Cisek

Director / Trustee

Ed Desmond
Jeff Elderkin
Ray Nichols

Review Board

Mike Corcoran
Ray Nichols
Skip Mootz
Jeff Elderkin
Daniel Nichols

Sgt. at Arms

Joe Palmatier


Dan Nichols

Delegate to FASNY

Sal DiPressi
Dan Nichols

Roosevelt Company # 4 

Established on 07/01/2018
due to Staatsburg Fire District Merging with Roosevelt Fire District

Captain Mike Yambrick
1st Lieutenant Floyd Burger
2nd LieutenantShawn Bell 
Engineer Dan Theodoseau

President George Day
Vice President Shawn Bell
Secretary Durinda Sagendorph
Treasurer Phyllis Delarm

Sgt at arms 

Mike Sutton


 DeWitt Sagendorph


Dewitt Sagendorph
Michell Bell

Dan Theodoseau

Review Board

Chief TBA

Department Officers

President George Carola
Vice President Beth Steenbergh
Secretary  Janice Ciampaglione
Treasurer Barbara Cary

Parade Captain 

Sandy Scala