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Emergency Service Squad 6351

Emergency Service Squad Officer's

Emergency Service Squad

Captain (63-C5) William Ferrante 

1st Lieutenant (63-L51) Jason Christensen

2nd Lieutenant (63-L52) William Monnier

Sec / Treas - Janice Elderkin

Review Board Members

Michael Zagorski

Lew Darrow

Ray Nichols

Raymond Nichols
     The Emergency Service Squad is comprised of members of all three engine companies interested in provided technical rescue services to the community. The current roster has 23 members that are trained above the normal firefighter qualifications in vehicle-accident extrication, ice rescue, swiftwater rescue, and overland (low-angle) rope operations. The company responds on all fires (building and vehicle), vehicle accidents, and special hazard responses (CO alarm, elevator stall, technical rescue) in the fire district as well a pre-planned mutual aid for building fires in the Hyde Park and Staatsburg Fire Districts. The company also is part of Task Force 5, a manpower response unit covering the Towns of Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Pleasant Valley, LaGrange, and the City of Poughkeepsie and is on second alarm assignments throughout the area. 

     Like the roots of our fire district, the membership recognized a lapse in providing rescue services to the area. At that time, the ambulance and the engine companies carried limited hand tools to perform any task, specifically vehicle extrication. Surrounding districts did not have adequate services to provide mutual aid to the citizens of the Roosevelt Fire District. In 1980, the Emergency Service Squad was formed and the search for a vehicle was underway.
       The first Emergency 1, still referred to as “The Van”, was a 1973 Chevrolet Step Van. Using the resources of the membership, the van was constructed in-house with new shelving and tool mounts. The van was painted, lighting was installed, a generator was obtained and mounted, and tools were assembled together by the membership and local businesses. In October 1981, Emergency 1 was placed in service at Fire Station #1 with an on-board generator, Walker/Gator Rescue Tools, Air Cascade System, SCBA, Hand Tools, and radios. This unit was added to dispatches for auto accidents and second-alarm fires within the district.

       Requests for the unit to respond to surrounding areas quickly started because of the proximity of the rescue tools as well as the manpower. The unit marked the first vehicle in the Town of Hyde Park and surrounding towns that carried rescue tools, on-scene lighting, on-scene air cascade, as well as coffee machines for rehab of firefighters. The van made it’s first real impression responding to the FDR home fire shortly after it was placed in service in 1982. From there, the van ventured with its equipment and manpower to vehicle accidents and fire throughout Dutchess County.
With the van becoming overcrowded and approaching it’s weight capacity due to the expanded array of equipment carried, the Board of Fire Commissioners approved the purchase of a new vehicle.

       In 1996, the new “van” was placed in service, an E-One Protector TC 18’ Walk-Thru Rescue. The vehicle took on the new Dutchess County radio identifier ’63-51’ and is equipped with the following features.
Cummins Diesel Engine
Seating for 13
Hurst Hydraulic Rescue System
Paratech Maxiforce Air Lifting Bags
Winco PTO generator
6000 watt Command Light Tower
6000 psi cascade system
Scott RIC-Pak
AIM 4-Gas meter
35mm/Digitial/VCR cameras
First responder EMS equipment
Coffee Machines/Microwave/On-Board Drinking Water
Command Center
Coldwater exposure suits
Full complement of swiftwater/low-angle rope rescue equipment
Currently the Emergency Service Squad is under the direction of Captain Pending,1st Lieutenant Mike Iaccino and Recently added, 2nd Lieutenant Frank Scala. The squad just recognized the charter members still active after 31 years; Ray Cary, Ray Nichols, John Egan, Roy Hall, and Tom Germano. Ironically, these members represented the most dedicated to the start of the ESS 31 years ago by providing countless hours (and funds) for construction as well as serving as company officers.
Per company by-law, any member that has been active with the fire department, even outside the RFD, for more than a year is eligible to join. If you are interested, please see a company officer for further direction. Furthermore, any member is welcome to participate in company training and drills.