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In September of 1954, a small group of residents became concerned with the lack of fire protection in an area of Hyde Park, NY. The area was approximately 3 miles wide and 9 miles long and situated mostly on the east side of NYS Route 9-G. Hours of time ,a great deal of leg work and the will of the people from this area formed the Roosevelt Fire District. After the election of the first Board of Fire Commissioners, these men set out with $40,000 to purchase three pieces of fire apparatus and to determine three points that would give maxim fire protection for this area. Station #1 was located in the northern part of the District, Station #2 was located in the southern end, on property made available, through the generosity of the Rymph Family and Station #3 was located in the center of the District on property made available by Mr. William Kay and Mr. Nathan Reifler. Money being the prime consideration, materials were purchased, but much of the manual labor was donated by the fireman and residents of each area. Stations #1 & #2 were buildings approximately 12X 30 and could accommodate 1 piece of apparatus. Station #3 was built slightly larger 30 X 30 and could accommodate 2 pieces of apparatus. In 1969 the District purchased property adjacent to Station #3 for the construction of additional engine rooms. With the future growth of the District in mind an the expected rising construction costs and interest rates, it was felt that this addition should be adequate in size. The new addition was designed to accommodate four pieces of apparatus or possibly a ladder truck. Also incorporated was much needed space for the Board of Fire Commissioners and district record storage. In 1962 a 20? X 50, addition was constructed at Station #2 with much of the labor donated by the members, the fire district providing some labor and all the material. Additions to Station #1 in 1976 and again in 1996 allowed the district to accommodate larger apparatus and provide a much needed area for the storage of Fire District records. The first apparatus in the District, a 1928 Buffalo was loaned to us by the company building our new engine, a 1929 Model B Ford was purchased from the Milan Fire Department and a 1934 Ford was purchased from the Rhinebeck Fire Dept. This was a remarkable achievement by the first Board of Fire Commissioners. Presently our District has 11 pieces of equipment 6 tanker pumpers, 1 ladder truck 1 ambulance 1 emergency services vehicle 1 utility truck and 1 Chief?s car. In addition to our fire personnel, we are also have a Rescue Squad. This Squad was organized in 1958, when an ambulance was donated by the Hyde Park Fire and Water District. In 1960 the Rescue Squad decided to replace this vehicle with a 1954 ambulance. Through their diligence in a house-to-house canvass to raise funds, this task was completed. In 1962 a new ambulance was purchased by the District. Our rescue squad today consists of 26 members. 3 Certified First Responders and 23 EMT-D?s, who responded to over 800 emergencies in our District during 1995
Our alarm system back in 1954 was rather primitive, but adequate, when compared to today's. We started with approximately 15 dispatchers located near the fire stations. These people gave unselfishly of their time for 10 years in answering our phones, sounding our alarms, and relaying information to the fireman when they arrived at the stations. In 1965 the District purchased 55 Radio Alerting Receivers and with the aid of the Fairview Fire District, we embarked upon a first alarm alerting system. In 1967, with 113 receivers in the homes of our fireman, response time to incidents was reduced greatly. Our District was one of the first six Fire Districts in the county to have first alarm dispatching provided by the Dutchess County Bureau of Fire. Today our alerting system consists of alerting our 108 volunteers via pagers.
In 1955 many of the firemen's wives and neighbors started ladies auxiliaries. Without their dedication, fund raising and endless ambition the meeting rooms and kitchens that we have today would have been completed at a much later time. Their unselfishness in supplying coffee and cake at fire and emergencies has been a great value to our District.
In 1974 a used van type truck was purchased and modified, by our volunteers, to meet the needs of a dedicated group of firefighter who had a desire to further our emergency service. This was the start of our Emergency Services Squad. Their desire to provide. heavy duty rescue, extrication and water rescue is an asset to our residents. Presently the squad is made up of 43 trained volunteer firefighters.
In 1991 the Board of Fire Commissioners, with district voters approval, instituted a Length Of Service Awards Plan (LOSAPs),the Roosevelt Fire District Service Awards Program for it volunteers. At present we have 11 firefighters receiving benefits from this plan, and of the eleven 8 still remain and perform as Active firefighter and rescue squad personnel.
At The ROOSEVELT FIRE DISTRICT, our focus is on Emergency Services. Get in touch with us today. We cover 27 Square Miles in The Town of Hyde Park area.

The Merger of the Roosevelt Fire District and the Staatsburg Fire District took place as of July 1st 2018

Descriptive Summary

Proposed Joint Consolidation Agreement, Between the

Staatsburg Fire District and the Roosevelt Fire District

The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Staatsburg Fire District and the

Board of Fire Commissioners of the Roosevelt Fire District have endorsed a

proposed joint consolidation agreement for the purposes of consolidating the

Staatsburg Fire District and the Roosevelt Fire District into the Roosevelt Fire District.

The estimated savings with the consolidation include reduced operations

expenses, personnel and administrative costs, insurance expenses and the

benefit of streamlined operations.

There is no expected fiscal expense associated with the consolidation

other than attendant legal, publication and filing fees.

The Proposed Joint Consolidation Agreement addresses each of the

requirements of General Municipal Law section 752 and may be examined in full at the Office of the Fire District Secretary of the Staatsburg Fire District, 49 Old Post Rd, Staatsburg, NY; the Office of the Fire District Secretary of the Roosevelt

Fire District, 830 Violet Ave, Hyde Park, NY in addition to being posted on the Roosevelt Fire District website:; the Office of the Town of Hyde Park Town Clerk, Hyde Park Town Hall, 4383 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY during normal business hours, in addition to being posted on the

Town of Hyde Park website: